Docker (Mac or Linux)


The Docker image is intended for development/testing purposes only, and has not been prepared for production use.

You can start Citus in Docker with one command:

# start the image
docker run -d --name citus -p 5432:5432 -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=mypass \

# verify it's running, and that Citus is installed:
psql -U postgres -h localhost -d postgres -c "SELECT * FROM citus_version();"

You should see the latest version of Citus.

Once you have the cluster up and running, you can visit our tutorials on multi-tenant applications or real-time analytics to get started with Citus in minutes.


If you already have PostgreSQL running on your machine you may encounter this error when starting the Docker containers:

Error starting userland proxy:
Bind for unexpected error address already in use

This is because the Citus image attempts to bind to the standard PostgreSQL port 5432. To fix this, choose a different port with the -p option. You will need to also use the new port in the psql command below as well.