Support and Billing

All Citus Cloud plans come with support included. Premium support including SLA around response time and phone escalation is available on a contract basis for customers that may need a more premium level of support.


Web based support is available on all Citus Cloud plans. You can open a support inquiry within the Citus Cloud console. Support response times for ticket classification of Citus Cloud are:

  • Urgent (production database offline) - 1 hour response time
  • High (production database impacted) - 4 hour response time
  • Normal (general support) - 1 business day response time
  • Low (general question) - 3 business days response time

Billing and pricing

Citus Cloud bills on a per minute basis. We bill for a minimum of one hour of usage across all plans. Pricing varies based on the size and configuration of the cluster. A few factors that determine your price are:

  • Size of your distributed nodes
  • Number of distributed nodes
  • Whether you have high availability enabled, both on the primary node and on distributed nodes
  • Size of your primary node

You can see pricing of various configurations directly within our pricing calculator.