Getting StartedΒΆ

Welcome to Citus. As you begin it helps to take some time to get oriented.

  • For a short description, along with a brief discussion of use-cases see, What is Citus? This is a good place to determine how Citus fits your needs.
  • Then read Architecture to get an overview of how the parts fit together. The terms described there are used throughout the documentation, so it’s best to become familiar with them.

If you’ve found that Citus looks good for your use-case, the best way to learn more is to try it for yourself. The extension is available both as an open-source PostgreSQL extension that you can install on your own machine, or as managed Database-as-a-Service.

  • A great place to start experimenting with Citus is a local Single-Machine Cluster environment. That section explains how to install Citus on various platforms, or use Docker depending on your preference.
  • Once you have Citus installed, try our ten-minute tutorials. One for Multi-tenant Applications and another for Real-time Analytics.

After giving Citus a try, you can look at more full featured example applications for Citus Use Cases.