Migrating to CitusΒΆ

If you’ve found that your existing application matches Citus Use Cases, then you’re ready to learn how to make the two work together.

  • As a reminder and quick overview of use-cases, see When to Use Citus.
  • Choosing a distribution column explains how to control the data distribution in a Citus cluster. It’s an important topic that applies to all use cases.
  • Transitioning to Citus has tons of information, from updating schemas and queries to step-by-step instructions for Rails and Django apps.
  • To help get the most performance out of a new application on Citus, check out the tips in Query Performance Tuning, including more about table distribution columns.
  • Finally, read Production Sizing to help decide the best cluster size for a new application.

If you’re migrating to Citus, why not do it the easy way and use Citus Cloud?